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The main beach of Onrus is set in a bay and has a big stretch of soft white sand. There is a lagoon that slowly flows into the sea and the lagoon is ideal for children. Especially when the sea is rough, children can swim and dive around in the cola-coloured water. It is also ideal for inflatable rowboats and paddle-skis. One can take leisurely walks along the beach with the dog or build sandcastles and dams with the kids. The sea has quite strong currents at times, but there are 'See & Sand' lifeguards during the summer holidays. This is definitely the favourite beach for all the surfers and body-boarders as the waves can get really big. There is a restaurant that overlooks the lagoon as well as shower facilities and cloakrooms.

Davies' Pool is a completely natural pool that can be found in the Onrus River camp. While open to the sea, it remains safely calm and is surrounded by low rocks.
The Hermanus area has many sporting opportunities, including golf, hang-gliding, sailing, fishing, diving and hiking. Apart from the Hermanus Golf Club in town, there are superb facilities at nearby Kleinmond and Arabella Estate.

The Hermanus Golf Club is situated only 100km from Cape Town and offers an 18-hole course that lies just below the mountain on this beautiful strech of coast. The course has become one of the most popular in the country. Despite being a private course it is still accessible to the public.

The Arabella Country Estate is built on a terrain that rolls down the banks of the Bot River. Designed by Peter Matkovich, the layout and features are said to be of his best as he used the mountain backdrop, lagoon, river and forests to complement the design. The course was voted 'Best New Course South Africa' in 1999.
Whale Watching
These magnificent and beautiful mammals are a very popular tourist attraction to the Hermanus area. There is a whale crier, Mr Salukazana, who with the help of a kelp horn reports the best areas of the day to spot the whales. One can also visit The Whale House that was created by the Old Harbour Museum and which provides a wide variety of articles, photographs and drawings of whales.

Whale-watching season is from June until January and particularly during the calving season of the southern right whales - August to October - whale-watchers can enjoy a water show by whales and calves close to the shore second to none.
For the hiker there is the Fernkloof Nature Reserve overlooking Onrus with spectacular indigenous fauna and flora with more than 1100 different species. There are some 50kms of well-maintained hiking trails in the reserve - hikes vary between 20 minutes and several hours - depending on your level of fitness.

Fynbos is pronounced "fain-bos" and means fine bushes. It is the popular name for the shrub lands of the winter rainfall area of the Western Cape. Fynbos is the characteristic vegetation of the Cape Floral Kingdom, the smallest of the six floristic kingdoms of the world and it has a total of 8 600 species.
In the mountains on the outskirts of Onrus and Hermanus lies the picturesque Hemel-en-Aarde Valley (heaven and earth valley) where wine lovers can treat themselves to a unique wine tour among the southernmost vineyards in Africa. The climate and soil combine to make the valley the ideal location for award-winning Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay wines.

Several breathtaking estates are situated in the valley: Bouchard Finlayson, Hamilton Russell Vinyards, WhaleHaven Wines, Cape Bay and Sumaridge. All are open for wine tasting and sales on weekdays and some on Saturdays.
Shark Cage Diving
The Great White Shark (Carcharodon Carcharias) is the most feared creature on the planet, beautifully streamlined to slip through the ocean with the minimum of effort.

Its immense size, jet black eyes, row upon row of razor sharp teeth and extendable jaws make this the ultimate super predator and on this day, you get up close and personal !
Onrus and Vermont is known as an artist's colony as many well-known artists settled here over the years. There are famous writers, sculptors, designers, painters and people from all fields of media and arts. There is the St Luke's Art Studio in Onrus where one can choose one of a variety of courses and the owners have built a little Greek chapel where one can spend some quiet time provided you have made an appointment.

One can also find works of promoting artists in The Windsor Gallery.
Arts & Craft
Over weekends Lemm's Corner Craft Market fills up with crafters who sell a wide variety of goods, from wooden sculptures and carvings, to beaded jewellery and clothes. There are wind chimes and ashtrays, home-made preserves, spoons and hats.

Everything your heart may desire can be found at this increasingly popular market and even if you do not want to buy anything, there are so many interesting things to see that it will definitely make the trip worthwhile.
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